In the Kursk region, they reacted to rumors about the introduction of martial law: “This is nonsense!”

Information about what’s on the premises Kursk region allegedly going to introduce martial law, is not true and is a fake. This was announced by the press secretary of the governor of the region Anastasia Gurina.

The administration urged to trust only official sources.

“In a number of Telegram channels, with reference to the governor, information appeared that martial law was being introduced in the Kursk region. This is nonsense! Please trust only trusted sources of information and official Telegram channels,” Gurina told reporters.

Earlier, local Telegram channels began to disseminate information that martial law could soon be declared in the Kursk region, and the protection of the region after the corresponding announcement would allegedly be carried out by 6,000 people’s guards.

Curator Natalia Krasovskaya

Natalia Krasovskaya, PhD in Psychology, member of the Russian Association of Political Sciences

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