In the Kherson region, the Russian Federation was accused of lying: we use only the hryvnia

On the territory of the Kherson region liberated by the RF Armed Forces, they use exclusively national currency Ukraine. According to the head of the regional council Alexandra Samoylenkorubles are “not in use”, but Russia’s statements are “disinformation of the occupiers”.

As Samoylenko stressed, absolutely all payments to the regions are made in hryvnia.

“All payments are made in Ukrainian hryvnias. The occupants’ stories about the circulation of the ruble do not correspond to reality,” the head of the Kherson Regional Council said.

Earlier, Pravda.Ru quoted a statement by a Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov about what is on territories liberated by Russiapeople themselves must decide their future fate. Including to determine the territorial status of regions, management mechanisms, and, accordingly, economic aspects.

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