In the Kherson direction, the RF Armed Forces are orderly withdrawing

Russian troops are currently depart in an organized manner in the Kherson direction, they do not run and do not abandon equipment, ammunition and artillery. This was told by a military journalist Yuri Kitten.

According to him, there is a big difference with the retreat from Balakleya and Izyum.

“The commander of the direction shortens the front line. There are fields, steppe, a rare chain of oporniks, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine broke through. Due to the fact that there are no forces, we shorten the front line, eliminating the threat from the flank after the breakthrough at Zolotaya Balka and compacting the battle formations. Nothing in this is not good, but retreat is different,” the reporter argues in his Telegram channel.

He believes that cities such as Svatovo, Lisichansk, Kremennaya, Kherson, Novaya Kakhovka need to be seriously strengthened and turned into oporniks.

The defense does not exist on its own, it needs to be built, the military commander noted.

In his opinion, it is necessary to prepare for enemy strikes and dig in Zaporozhye, since an attack by the Ukrainian army is quite possible there as well.

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