In the Kherson direction, the “Kharkov scenario” may be repeated

According to the forecasts of experienced generals, the situation in the Kherson direction of the NVO front may begin to develop according to the “Kharkov scenario”.

The military commissar writes about this in his Telegram channel Semyon Pegov.

According to the creator of the WarGonzo project, such signals “from the ground”, that is, from those military men who are now on the front lines, “have been received for a long time.” And the existing problems are no secret: there are not enough people and ammunition.

“In response, as far as we know, they (not only ordinary officers, but also commanders of large units) received (from the military leaders sitting” above “) comments in the spirit:” do not invent, everything is in order, “- says the military commander.

It’s time to learn to hear those who are “in the field”

Of course, Semyon Pegov did not tell anything fundamentally new. And he did not reveal any military secrets. Well, our big bosses do not like to admit that somewhere in the economy entrusted to them, something is going “not as it should be.”

That’s how they got used to it from Soviet times, and continue to live in the system of “plans, reports, reports.” Well, eyewash – where would we be without it! The main thing is that everything should be beautiful on paper. And even now, in the conditions of the NMD, many bosses do not want to abandon the usual system, and therefore they are strangling commanders “in the field” with the bureaucracy (By the way, Pravda.Ru previously talked about this – here).

What to do?

According to the writer Zahara Prilepina, who managed to “smell the gunpowder” when he was the deputy battalion commander of the DPR army, there is a way out of the vicious circle. And one thing: the transfer of NWO “to manual control” by the president.

“Maybe he is (Vladimir Putin) and leads in some form, but the country has so far seen somewhat different pictures in the news: here he is solving very important things with some world leaders, with others, with Macron he talked, with ministers about the economy.

And this is all very important. He ideally did everything so that Russia would not be left alone on the planet. We have friends.

But now the country expects something else from him,” he quotes Prilepin “Russian spring”.

According to the publicist, the bureaucracy in Russia will work like clockwork only if the president “moves the arrows with his hands.” And shake off the dust from the word “saboteur”:

“So that a person, past whom the word “saboteur” whizzed past, experienced an icy draft along the spine.

Only then will officials at all levels of government forget their favorite phrase: “don’t escalate, you need to make informed decisions.”

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