In the Kharkiv region, the invaders did not allow the transfer of humanitarian aid to the captured Borovsk community

In the Kharkiv region, the Russian invaders did not allow the transfer of humanitarian cargo to the Borovsk community, which they temporarily seized.

It is reported in Telegram Borovsk village council, Ukrinform reports.

“A big problem in the occupied community is the inability to transfer money into cash or pay in the store with a card. Many local residents found themselves without a livelihood in this situation. Today, representatives of local authorities and volunteers<...> tried to transfer humanitarian aid to Borovsk region: medicines , food products, hygiene products, etc., as well as targeted parcels collected by people for relatives and friends who remained in the occupation,” the message says.

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It is noted that the cargo was delivered to the village of Pechenegy and prepared for transfer through the Pechenegy dam. On the other side, residents of Borovetsk were waiting for him, including ambulance workers and the central hospital, who were supposed to pick up the medicines. Until 2 p.m., people hoped that the Russians would allow passage to the dam. But the occupiers completely blocked the only humanitarian route and did not let even representatives of the Red Cross through.

When people still tried to break through, the invaders fired shots into the air. So it was not possible to transfer the humanitarian cargo.

The village council reported that, according to aerial reconnaissance, this week the number of Russian troops on the territory of the community has increased significantly. The occupiers are building fortifications, setting up new roadblocks, and intensively checking the documents of local residents. Perhaps they are preparing for serious battles, the village council suggests.

Other military units of the enemy are passing through the territory of the community in transit in the direction of Donetsk.

As reported, in the Borovsk community, which has been completely captured since April 14, Russian troops have destroyed and robbed schools, and are taking property out of private homes. Agricultural enterprises have been looted, farmers are required to continue working after re-registration, and if they refuse, they are threatened with “nationalization” of property.

Borovaya borders on the Izyum region, where fierce fighting is taking place, and the occupied Kupyansk, as well as the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

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