In the Kharkiv region, the invaders damaged and destroyed 113 cultural heritage sites

Russian invaders damaged and destroyed 113 cultural heritage sites of the Kharkiv region, among them the iconic Skovoroda Museum for Ukraine.

This was reported in Telegram Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Oleg Sinegubov, Ukrinform reports.

“The invaders damaged and destroyed 113 cultural heritage sites of the Kharkiv region. Now cultural sites are under great threat, because Russia is fighting against Ukrainian identity,” the head of the UVA said.

He added that the preservation of the Ukrainian cultural heritage in the conditions of hostilities was discussed during a working trip of the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko to the Kharkiv region.

Officials visited a number of sites affected by Russian shelling and jointly assessed the extent of the damage. Separately, we discussed the fate of the Skovoroda museum destroyed by the occupiers in Skovorodinovka.

As Alexander Tkachenko informed during the briefing, it is difficult to determine how much money is needed for the restoration of the museum.

“There is one special object of special importance in the Kharkiv region – this is Skovorodinovka, a museum that was bombed, we are convinced of this, on purpose. After all, this room is located in the village, and there were no military facilities nearby, but it was precisely there that a Russian missile hit,” the minister said.

It was decided that a project would be developed for the restoration of the museum of Grigory Skovoroda, who suffered as a result of Russian shelling.

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Recall that on May 6, an occupant’s rocket hit a monument of national importance – the memorial museum of Grigory Skovoroda, the former home of the landowner Andrey Kovalevsky. As a result of the shelling, the building was completely burned down.

Photo: EPA-EFE

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