In the Federation Council on the alleged shortage of equipment in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: “Pads are not needed”

Member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense Dmitry Perminov called fakes information about the lack of equipment for the mobilized.

The Federation Council is sure that there is no need for servicemen of the Russian army to use gaskets as insoles. He urged to believe the words Vladimir Putin.

“Why do we need gaskets in the army? This is the first time I hear about it, and when I served in the army, it never even crossed my mind to put gaskets. We must listen to the Supreme Commander. The President said that all mobilized persons will be provided, equipped. That is they will be equipped with everything necessary. Gaskets are not needed, “the Rise newspaper quotes Perminov as saying.

Information has spread on the Internet that the mobilized are allegedly recommended to purchase pads to replace the insoles in their shoes before being sent to a special operation in Ukraine. In addition, there were reports of the need to bring harnesses, sleeping bags and body armor.

Formerly ex-head of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR Igor Strelkov said that in Russia they can pass several waves of mobilization.

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