In the EU, get acquainted with the intimate correspondence of citizens

Europe’s largest association of hackers CCC (The Chaos Computer Club) believes that the bill of the European Commission about chat control involves checking content using artificial intelligence. Scanning on the user’s device is actually an attack on any confidential information.

According to project, all content will be checked directly on users’ devices (client-side scanning), and in case of suspicion, sent to the police or other regulatory authorities. This is due to the fight against child abuse. In simple terms, European bureaucrats put digital privacy under total control.

“Undoubtedly, victims of child abuse need much more and better support, but chat control is an overreaching approach that is easy to bypass and is focused in the wrong place. With zero chance of success in terms of the actual target, an unprecedented tool will be introduced monitoring,” the CCC is sure.

Users lose control over what data they share and with whom. Thus, control over the chat suspends at least two basic rights, namely:

  • adopted by Congress USA in 1986 by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act
  • and the corresponding Basic Law in Germany (Grundrecht auf digitale Intimsphäre).

Useless measure against pedophiles

The attackers are using shared hosting services, not the messengers targeted by the European Commission. This is due to the fact that instant messengers are completely unsuitable for exchanging large collections of files. Material is usually encrypted before being uploaded to public hosting, which makes automatic scanning useless.

As an example, it refers to platform pedophile Boystown, which was shut down by the German authorities in April 2021, yet numerous images are still available online.

“Artificial intelligence” scanning obscene content “falsely flags content as illegal”. Even the smallest level of error will result in a huge number of misunderstood and deleted messages. For example, in 2015 in Germany alone, about 40 million text messages were sent daily and approximately 667 million messages were sent via the WhatsApp messenger.

The camouflaged goal of the globalists

This is seen as the task of the so-called “deep power” to put under its total control, first the population of the European Union, and then the rest of the “free” world. Sanctions against Russia have already affected the runaway price rise

  • for food,
  • public utilities,
  • fuel,
  • other goods and services.

As a result of such a short-sighted policy, not only riots or acts of civil disobedience can occur, but also nationalists (Marine Le Pen’s example), for whom the interests of their peoples prevail over the notorious Euro-Atlantic solidarity, can break through to power.

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