In the English-language Wikipedia, Odessa began to be called according to Ukrainian transliteration

The article about Odessa in the English-language Wikipedia was renamed, and from now on its name is based on the Ukrainian-language transliteration – Odesa.

It is reported in Facebook press service of the NGO “Wikimedia Ukraine”, reports Ukrinform.

“The article about the city of Odessa in the English-language Wikipedia was renamed from “Odessa” to “Odesa,” the message says.

As noted, this article was started in June 2002, and for a long time it was called “Odessa”, because it was this version that dominated the English-language sources on which Wikipedia relies.

However, subsequently many more sources began to use the “Odesa” variant, so in July 2022, as a result of discussion, the volunteer editors of the English Wikipedia decided to rename the article.

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“Such changes are a manifestation of the fact that the perception of Ukraine by the societies and media of English-speaking countries is beginning to change, because without this the community of the English Wikipedia would not have dared to take such a step,” says Anton Obozhin, editor of the Ukrainian Wikipedia and member of the board of the NGO Wikimedia Ukraine.

The English-language section of Wikipedia contains over 6.5 million articles.

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