“In the dungeons of Azovstal, the Nazis do not share food and water with anyone”

The operation to “smoke out” or destroy the nationalists and the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the metallurgical plant “Azovstal” in Mariupol.

A well-known journalist and war correspondent shared his opinion on this topic Alexander Sladkov.

According to him, they say that border guards, simple infantrymen and marines are hiding in one part of the metallurgical plant, and there they can decide to surrender.

DPR scouts of the RF Armed Forces say that these militants dig in the ruins of a food warehouse, and if they find bottles of water, they immediately drink them with greed, Sladkov reports.

The Nazis of “Azov”* live underground, in another part of the industrial zone. They have both food and water. And they do not share with others, but they control everyone so that the military does not give up, leaving all decisions to themselves, says the military commander.

“According to my information, more than two thousand fighters are defending at Azovstal, plus more than four hundred wounded of varying severity. They die, rot, but they are not returned to the DPR,” Alexander Sladkov states.

And sums up – “the time of sunset has not yet come.”

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