In the Czech Republic, 2.8 million tourists stayed in the first quarter, two more than last year Business

Less than an aunt of all residents were foreigners, 1.9 million were accommodated by domestic guests. This follows from the data published by the Czech Statistical Ad (S) on Wednesday.

The tourist spent 7.9 million nights in the first months of accommodation in the accommodation, which is a quarter of a quarter more.

The number of employees has increased sharply compared to last year, but the comparison base is at a low level due to the country’s pandemic restrictions. The performance of hostels in the first quarter fell far short of the volume of 2019, still mistakenly for foreign guests, said the head of the Department of Tourism and Environment Statistics Pavel Vanura.

For comparison, in the first quarter of 2019, three million tourists stayed in the Czech Republic, while guests from abroad flocked.

Hotels lead

Hotels in the first quarter recorded a total occupancy rate of two million passes (by 939.6 percent). Arrivals to the boarding house accounted for 17 percent of the occupancy rate and, according to other facilities, 11 percent of the accommodated guests.

In addition to Prague, the Hradec Králové and Liberec regions, which are suitable for winter holidays, were among the most visited regions in the first quarter.

The most guests were traditional from Germany, the nation formed a quarter of foreign clients in the monitored accommodation facilities. The second largest group were the invaders from Slovakia and the guest from Poland took the third place.

the city was occupied by Ukrainians. The Czech Statistical Office points out that the overall results also include data on Ukrainian public employees who paid for the hostels themselves.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, it was not possible in all cases for the accommodation operator to distinguish whether he was a tourist or a refugee. Thus, people who cannot be objectively considered a participant in tourism according to international recommendations could also be involved in the sweat of visitors, warned S.

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