In the blink of an eye, Santa Fe turned the scoreboard against Millonarios and kept the Bogota classic

Alberto Gamero trusts his group during the auction of the All against All phase

Some criticism has been received by Millonarios after losing their two recent matches, the Colombian Cup Final and against La Equidad by League, that is why they assure that the team relaxed and showed its weakest side. However, Alberto Gamero calmly accepts this moment and says that his directors have not lowered their arms, according to what he declared in Caracol Radio’s VBar:

“I don’t feel that way, we’ve made mistakes, we’re correcting them, but regardless of everything, it seems to me that the points we haven’t gotten we’ve competed well. This is in the result, it seems to me that in the last game against La Equidad, apart from the fact that it was not a good game, it was not to lose either… We do not like to lose, we do not like to let those points go by, Equidad did its job that was what they did, the game, although it was not a good game, was not to lose”.

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