In Switzerland, 230 liters of gin were stolen from the bottom of the lake

Expensive alcohol had to be saturated with the smell of mud

Expensive alcohol had to be saturated with the smell of mud

What miracles just do not happen at Christmas! In Switzerland, for example, the other day, 230 liters of elite gin, which were stored in a huge 800-kilogram metal ball at the bottom of Lake Constance, evaporated without a trace. The police and the owners of the alcohol factory only shrug: only David Copperfield could pull off such a trick with the disappearance.

The local company Ginial has been producing Swiss gin for decades in a special way: in order for the drink to get subtle notes of the seabed, it is immersed in mud for 100 days. And it’s not to say that no precautions were taken in this case. A metal container was tied with a chain to a concrete support. But when the divers descended to the bottom of Lake Constance to pick up the “alco-treasure”, then … they did not find any stash there. As a result, they dived for three days in a row, scoured the entire bottom, and even found a sunken biplane from the Second World War. That’s just the cherished 395 bottles with a precious drink and the trace caught a cold, writes Switzerland Times.

“Professionals have obviously worked here. Without special equipment, it is impossible to steal such a colossus, and even in front of everyone, ”the director of Ginial Cello Fish could only comment to the Swiss press. You will not envy him: after all, now you have to compensate for the expenses of customers. This entire limited run of gin was sold out in advance.

The perpetrators have not yet been caught. However, it is possible that already on New Year’s holidays it will not be difficult to calculate them by their unsteady step and the barely noticeable smell of underwater flora from the mouth.

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