In Sucre, a man posing as a doctor was captured

A man posing as an internist was captured.  Photo: Police
A man posing as an internist was captured. Photo: Police

In the municipality of Pailitas, Cesar, the police of the department managed to capture a man who was posing as an internist in a hospital.

According to the authorities, the person was discovered by the administrative authority of the place, and thanks to the personnel of the National Model of Community Surveillance by Quadrants, the subject was arrested.

“Through registration and control work on the central sector of the municipality of Pailitas, we are informed by phone call, by the Hospital manager, Heli Moreno Blanco; informs us that in the facilities of said hospital there was a citizen who He was posing as an internist.”, it was reported in the police report.

Thus, when the uniformed officers arrived at the establishment, they investigated the man who had apparently impersonated the doctor, who identified himself as Adel Enrique Perez Candencia. “Upon entering the emergency room, we observed a male citizen, dark-skinned, who was wearing a white gown and a fuchsia sweatshirt-type uniform, who was asked for his personal identification document.”detailed from the Police Command.

The information provided by the authorities ensures that the man gave the uniformed officers both the resume and the labor certification with the same name. However, when they transferred him to the police facilities, the subject, faced with a nervous breakdown, revealed his true identity, with the name of Joaquin Manuel Jimenez Vanegas.

In Sucre, a man posing as a doctor was captured (Photo by Dimitar DILKOFF / AFP)
In Sucre, a man posing as a doctor was captured (Photo by Dimitar DILKOFF / AFP)

Thus, the authorities explained that by reviewing the data, they managed to establish that a complaint filed since 01/05/2023 filed by Adel Enrique Pérez Candencia, who would be affected by the crime of personal falsehood, rests. It is for this reason that the uniformed officers discovered that the man had falsified the identity of the internist.

“SHe is informed of the rights of the captured person and, subsequently, he is transferred to the URI facilities, where he must answer for the crime of personal forgery and left at the disposal of the competent authority ”, reported from the Cesar Police Department.

The Metropolitan Police of Cartagena de Indias (Mecar) captured Eduardo, a surgeon, who is accused of the murder of Erick Cortés, a mathematics professor.

On December 21, Colonel Wilson Javier Parada González made the arrest in the Torices neighborhood, and confirmed the court order that he was found responsible for the crime of aggravated homicide.

“The doctors determine that what he actually has is brain death. As a result of that he loses his life and that is how, since July, our investigation section managed to capture this subject here in Cartagena, in the Torices neighborhood, ”confirmed Colonel Wilson.

According to the official report, the prisoner was a doctor and who also presented a record as accused of culpable injuries in 2008. On the other hand, the 42-year-old teacher, who practiced his profession at a school in the north of Cartagena and studied a master’s degree in astrophysics at the University of Valencia Spain.

The events occurred at dawn on July 8, in the Historic Center of Cartagena, near the Plaza de la Aduana in the middle of a discussion between a group of friends, one of whom pushed the other to the ground. The impact caused him to hit his head with a stone pole that left him unconscious.

The 46-year-old alleged assailant, seeing that his friend did not react, took him to a care center. A security camera recorded the exact moment in which the doctor carried the victim, presumably passed out, and took him to the clinical center where he worked. Erick Cortés upon entering the medical center, his friend reported that the cause of his condition was due to the “high degree of drunkenness in which he was”.

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