In Santa Marta, a family prohibited Legal Medicine from taking the body of a child for these reasons

The young man's family would have denied that Legal Medicine will take the body.  Reference image.
The young man’s family would have denied that Legal Medicine will take the body. Reference image.

A strange event occurred inside a hospital in the department of cupcakeIt’s about the death of a under 12 years of age who would have arrived in poor health conditions, the particular thing about the case is that the child’s relatives did not allow his body to be transferred by Legal Medicine to make the respective analysis, but they continued with the funeral process.

According to some Caribbean media, the minor had presented a series of discomforts in his lower extremities, for which he was taken to a care center. After continuing with the inconvenience, the relatives decided to take the child to the Santa Marta clinic to receive specialized care.

Despite the efforts of the health personnel, the condition of the minor deteriorated to the tragic point of his death on the morning of January 11.

From the clinic it was reported that the reason for death was a cardiopulmonary arrestThe curious thing is that the relatives did not allow the analysis to be carried out on the body to verify the reason for the death, but rather continued with the funeral process to perform the obsequies.

Relatives of Somer Salome Mahecha Riosa 16-month-old and 3-day-old baby, who died in the Patio Bonito neighborhood of Bogotá, assured that the negligence in the medical service received could be the cause of the minor’s death. The little girl was taken twice to the medical center, the first around 3 in the morning on January 2, when she had mild symptoms; however, they were returned home because there was no need for medical intervention, according to professionals.

Then, around 6 pm of the same day, the parents went back to the health center with their baby, since the symptoms not only continued, but also increased with the passing of the hours. On this second visit they also did not receive the necessary attention and finally the minor lost her life.

According to the mother of the minor, the medical negligence of the officials of the Center for Immediate Medical Attention (Cami) from the neighborhood located in the south west of the Colombian capital, was the cause of her death, as she assured that once they arrived at the care center, the nurses and the rest of the medical personnel confirmed that the minor arrived with vital signs.

At dawn my mother got ready and went with my baby to Cami de Patio Bonito, she tells me that the doctor examined the girl in general and took her blood pressure, but said she had nothing”, narrated Jasbleidy Ríos, mother of the minor, in an interview for CityTv.

On the other hand, the baby’s grandmother was also present and told what was happening with her granddaughter and the reason why she was taken to the medical center. This woman indicated that the doctor followed up on the state of health of the minor and assured that it was not a serious situation, “that it was likely that he was going to get the flu and that it could be a rebound or upset stomachsaid the lady.

According to the two women, the doctors did not give priority to the baby’s case and told them that they should request a routine pediatric assessment, however, the baby’s state of health worsened as the hours went by and on her second visit on the evening of January 2, lost his life.

Regarding the fact presented, the District Secretary of Health affirmed that, “Despite all the efforts of the Health Center team, unfortunately the minor passed away. In accordance with the protocols, the South West Subnet reported the case to the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences for the transfer of the body. This authority will determine the causes of death”, stated the entity.

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