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In Russia, the Internet portal of the St. Petersburg youth movement “Spring” is blocked, reported representatives of the movement on their telegram channel on Tuesday, May 10.

“Our website was blocked tonight, on which a questionnaire was posted for those who want to join the movement, and details for donations. Availability for all operators is 0%,” the message says.

According to representatives of Vesna, they were unable to find the site’s address in the lists of banned resources, but it is available only with a VPN. Later, Vesna clarified that on some operators the site is still available.

The Vesna movement regularly holds protest actions in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Vesna participants have come out several times with anti-war posters and slogans. On May 9, activists organized an all-Russian protest called “They didn’t fight for this.”

The day before, the activists of “Viasna” were searched

On the eve of the activists of “Spring” passed searches. May 7 policemen detained and they took St. Petersburg members of the movement Valentin Khoroshenin and Yevgeny Zateev for interrogation to Moscow. Khoroshenin said that he and Zateev were detained under the article on the creation of an NPO that infringes on the personality and rights of citizens (Article 239 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). It soon became known that four more members of Vesna had been detained in this case.

In addition, two activists, Polina Barabash and former press secretary of Viasna, Artem Uymanen, were detained in the case of “telephone terrorism” because of the threat of “false mining” of the RANEPA. They were later released from the detention facility on a promise to appear. In the same case, on the night of May 8-9, searches were carried out in the homes of feminist activists Yulia Karpukhina and Dara Shchukina from the Eve’s Ribs project in St. Petersburg.

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