In Perm, they did not remove the Z-banner despite the demand of the authorities

The leadership of the House of Officers in Perm opposed the demand of the authorities to remove the banner with the letter Z from the facade of the building.

The Z-banner will remain hanging on the House of Officers building. This was stated by the head of the institution, Colonel Yuri Baranov.

“All issues have been resolved, the banner remains in place,” the Rise newspaper quoted Yuri Baranov as saying.

Earlier it was reported that the local inspectorate for the protection of cultural heritage sites prescribed a poster with the letter Z, symbolizing the special operation in Ukraine, to the head of the House of Officers of the Perm garrison.

The inspection staff justified their decision by the fact that the building is a monument of cultural heritage of regional significance, and the placement of any signs on the facade is not allowed.

Earlier in Novorzhev, Pskov region, children were not allowed to decorate the windows of the House of Culture with the symbols “Z” and “V”. In the district administration, Latin letters were called “ambiguous.

Earlier it was reported that the printing house “Printanika” refused to make t-shirts with a print in the form of the letter Z. The prosecutor’s office became interested in the printing house.

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