In North Korea, they created a new generation of MLRS – better than HIMARS

North Korea began developing its multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) back in the early 1980s. the last century.

First, the military engineers of the DPRK copied the Soviet development and created the M1985 installation with a range of up to 65 km. Then an improved KN-09 multiple launch rocket system was created, Tsargrad reports.

The new KN-25 is a continuation of the country’s weapons development program. The prototype of the MLRS was presented in 2019. The first launch demonstrated the full power of this weapon – the missile destroyed the target at a distance of 370 km. This system is not inferior to the advertised HIMARSsupplied to Ukraine by the Americans.

After a successful test, the Koreans showed the US the true power of their MLRS. During the year, they conducted a series of tests, hitting targets at 380 km. The time between rocket launches is only 30 seconds. HIMARS does not have such a rate of fire, experts say.

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