In Kyiv, they spoke about the unwillingness of the EU to quickly buy electricity in Ukraine

In Kyiv, they said that the EU does not want to quickly increase supplies electricity from Ukraine. Although it is precisely the Ukrainian authorities who are interested in making this happen as quickly as possible.

At the end of July, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal announced that Ukraine increases 2.5 times the export of electricity to the EU, its volume will be 250 MW. In Kyiv, they say that this will help the European Union save significant amounts of natural gas.

Last week, Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko announced at a meeting with colleagues from EU countries that she was ready to promptly issue permission to increase electricity trade, which would enable the community countries to save about six billion cubic meters of natural gas, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the publication. Politico.

However, the European Union was not ready for such generosity. German Galushchenko reported that the European Network of Electricity Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) indicated that it is preferable to gradually increase volumes. As noted, for security reasons.

According to Galushchenko, responsibility for the unwillingness of ENTSO-E to promptly increase the export of electricity, the “technical specialists” bearwho prefer to act “according to procedures”.

For Kyiv, this is an additional opportunity to earn money. Therefore, in Ukraine they are trying to appeal to the fact that the European Union, thanks to the supply of electricity, will be able to save significant amounts of gas.

Recall that earlier the European Commission has already developed a plan according to which the countries of the community must reduce the volume of gas consumed by 15 percent. True, in many EU countries this plan caused discontent. As a result, it was accepted, but with significant exceptions.

In turn, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, recently admitted that the possibilities of alternative natural gas supplies to Russia have been practically exhausted. So the only option left is saving, Borrell said.

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