In Kyiv, the Arch of Friendship of Peoples was renamed

Today, the Kyiv City Council decided to rename the Arch of Friendship of Peoples into the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian People.

According to Ukrinform, Kyiv city mayor Vitaliy Klitschko announced this in a Telegram.

“Today the Kyiv City Council decided to decommunization the name of the arch of Friendship of peoples. Now this is the Freedom Arch of the Ukrainian people,” Klitschko said.

Also, according to him, the deputies of the city council approved a list of more than 40 monuments and memorials that need to be removed from the streets and buildings of the capital and transferred to the museum of totalitarianism.

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“As for renaming, this is a resonant topic. We heard both the opinions and wishes of the people of Kiev, and heard criticism. Therefore, in order not to make hasty decisions, we involve specialists from the institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Institute of National Memory and other institutions to complete the naming process”, Klitschko said.

As the mayor of the capital noted, today there is a request from the Ukrainian society to remove names associated with Russia from the map of Kyiv, “but new names should live for tens or even hundreds of years. Therefore, the naming process should be quick, but justified.”

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The city council has extended the rating voting regarding the renaming of capital objects until June 19. Voting will take place in the Kyiv Digital mobile application, Klitschko said.

As Ukrinform reported, On April 26, a bronze sculpture of two workers under the Arch of Friendship of Peoples was dismantled in Kyivinstalled in the center of the capital in 1982 “to commemorate the reunification of Ukraine with Russia.”

At the end of April, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy and the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance clarified the demolition of monuments and the renaming of names associated with the history and culture of Russia and the USSR.

Photo: Telegram Vitali Klitschko

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