In Korosten, the library was deprived of the name of the Soviet writer Ostrovsky

In Korosten in the Zhytomyr region, the city library was deprived of the name of the Soviet writer Nikolai Ostrovsky.

About this in Facebook Korosten City Council reports, Ukrinform reports.

“From today, the public library of the Korosten city territorial community has lost the name of N. Ostrovsky, which was given to it in 1964,” the message says.

The corresponding decision was made at the session of the Korosten City Council.

Earlier, a monument to the Soviet writer Nikolai Ostrovsky was dismantled in the city.

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As Ukrinform reported, the expert council of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy on overcoming the consequences of Russification and totalitarianism has determined a list of the 10 most common “Russian” urban names that are recommended for renaming in the first place.

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