In KhMAO, a drunken boatman was tied up for threatening to blow up a river crossing

A citizen Nefteyugansky district KhMAO calmly moved in a boat along the Poik River, until a crossing blocked his path. The unexpected obstacle made the man so furious that he wanted to blow it up. True, prudently informed the police about this.

Muksun reports. fm, boatman in person called the police and demanded to immediately remove the pontoon ferry from his path, otherwise threatening to blow it up.

“Having arrived at the place indicated by the man, law enforcement officers examined the territory. No dangerous items were found,” the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs later said.

Law enforcement officers quickly found the offender, who turned out to be a drunk 50-year-old local resident.

The further fate of the drunken boatman remains unknown, as well as why he wanted to blow up the crossing.

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