In Kherson, after Russian captivity, a former policeman died – a case was opened in fact

On the fact of the death of the former head of the public security service of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kherson region Oleg Khudyakov, criminal proceedings have been launched.

Tatyana Skuba, official representative of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kherson region, told an Ukrinform correspondent about this.

“Criminal proceedings have been launched into the death of our former employee,” the official said.

She noted that within the framework of criminal proceedings, the circumstances of the death of Oleg Khudyakov will be clarified.

According to the Kherson edition “Bridge”, the former head of the public security service of the Main Directorate of the National Police of Ukraine in the Kherson region Oleg Khudyakov passed away. According to sources of the publication, Khudyakov committed suicide after being abducted by Russian invaders. In all likelihood, he was forced to cooperate, but he did not agree to this.

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People who participated in the public life of Kherson, as well as Kherson journalists, know Khudyakov very well, for he was present at many social and political events. Oleg Khudyakov had no political bias, thanks to which he maintained equal relations with representatives of different political forces, he always tried to peacefully resolve all conflicts, informs the publication.

During the events of the Euromaidan, Khudyakov maintained constructive relations with the participants in the protests, not hiding his negative attitude towards the intentions of the then leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to actively use force. Largely thanks to Khudyakov, the events of the end of 2013 – the beginning of 2014 in Kherson passed without significant aggravations.

As he remembers in Facebook Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Stanislav Troshin, who is now in the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in Kherson during the Euromaidan there was “one normal representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs” – Khudyakov. The only one from the entire system who decided, despite the position of the leadership of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, to come to Troshin after beating him in the entrance and call a spade a spade: “these bastards will pay for this someday.”

“I hope that the bastards who drove him to suicide will also pay for it very soon,” Troshin wrote.

Political scientist Vladimir Molchanov noted in Facebookthat Khudyakov is an honest policeman and policeman who was already retired, an effective leader, balanced and unbiased.

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As Ukrinform reported, as of June 22, the Kherson region police opened 408 criminal proceedings on missing civilians in the region, now it is known that 204 citizens have been released, the fate of another 204 abducted is still unknown.

Tamila Tasheva, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, said that in the Kherson region, Russian invaders keep about 600 people in their dungeons, and the abducted residents of the region are also taken to Crimea.

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