In Kazan, the bailiff-investigator acted as an intermediary in bribes

Bailiff-investigator of the district department of the UFSSP for Tatarstan was detained in Kazan Mikhail Vyugin. According to information, he could act as an intermediary in transfer of a bribe at 400 thousand rubles.

Arrest for three days was chosen as a measure of restraint.

“Another person involved in the case is his familiar businessman Vitaly Sorokin. According to the investigators, this money was offered to them by a woman in order for the men to help in reopening the case of fraud, in which she was the victim,” writes

According to the publication, the man pleaded not guilty. According to Vyugin’s lawyer, the bailiff did not take the money, and the audio recording is proof of this. Based on this, the judge did not send him to a pre-trial detention center, but only extended the detention for 72 hours.

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