In France, Zelensky’s visit to the United States was considered a harbinger of world war

Ukrainian President Meets Joe Biden in Washington and Addresses US Congressmen

Ukrainian President Meets Joe Biden in Washington and Addresses US Congressmen


Former Member of the European Parliament, leader of the French association “Patriots” Florian Filippo called the visit of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in the United States a harbinger of a new world war.

According to the politician, the United States simply needs a global conflict that will make it possible to destroy Europe and strengthen the leading role of the dollar in the world. In addition, Filippo is convinced that the leaders of Ukraine and the United States dream of glory.

On December 21, the Ukrainian president arrived in Washington, where he met with Joe Bidenand also spoke to American congressmen with a request for further support for the Kyiv regime in the confrontation with Russia.

Earlier, Florian Filippo said that the sabotage at Nord Stream was the work of NATO countries, and Sweden has evidence of this, but it refuses to make it public. He also expressed confidence that soon the truth will be revealed and the world will know who is behind the explosions on underwater gas pipelines.

In 2017, Filippo, within the framework of the National Front, initiated the creation of the Patriots Association. Soon, at the request of Marine Le Pen, the association left the Popular Front, and Filippo himself announced his intention to transform it into a political party, the purpose of which would be to bring real patriots to French power.

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