In France, due to the heat announced an “orange” alert level in a number of departments

Météo France issued an “orange” weather alert for five southern departments due to the heat wave that has gripped France; in particular, we are talking about Drome, Ardèche, Eastern Pyrenees, Gare and Vaucluse.

This is reported by the TV channel BFMTVreports Ukrinform.

“Tomorrow, Monday, the heat will be felt in the morning and afternoon, with temperatures reaching 35-38 degrees in departments placed on alert orange, with a peak of 39 degrees towards Gar,” the forecast said.

In addition, a “yellow” level of danger has been declared in ten departments.

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It is noted that this heat wave is caused by hot winds from the Sahara. On Tuesday and Wednesday, high temperatures will spread across the country as far as northern France.

As Ukrinform reported, France has already recorded several waves of extreme heat.

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