In Estonia, with the support of the state, 833 families of Ukrainian refugees began to rent housing

Estonian local governments, which have signed an administrative agreement with the Estonian Social Insurance Department, have paid 833 families of Ukrainian war refugees a one-time allowance of 1,200 euros to pay for housing rent.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by the national ERR broadcaster.

“The Estonian state provides war refugees with a place of temporary accommodation, depending on their needs, and helps them find a permanent place of residence. This is a difficult task, as rental prices have risen sharply, and property owners are sometimes hesitant about renting an apartment to war refugees,” said Liis Paloots, crisis communication specialist at the Social Insurance Board.

The lump-sum allowance helps refugees to start an independent life in Estonia and gives confidence to homeowners, as well as alleviates possible difficulties associated with paying rent in the first months.

The maximum rental allowance is up to 1,200 euros, from which the local government can deduct up to 50 euros for administrative expenses. The allowance is paid on the basis of expenses and rental agreements for Ukrainian military refugees who received the status of temporary protection and left Ukraine after the outbreak of the war, that is, after February 24. They must also be registered as a resident in one of the Estonian local governments. The allowance is transferred either to the owner of the housing or to the refugee.

The day before it was reported that Estonia received about 48,000 Ukrainian refugees. Earlier, the Estonian government said that a plan had been developed according to which the country was ready to accommodate up to 50,000 Ukrainian refugees.

On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Photo: ERR

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