In Entre Ríos they celebrate the electoral unfolding and the spaces refine their strategies for 2023

The official Gustavo Bordet will not be able to be re-elected, but the justicialismo has not yet defined who will try to succeed him
The official Gustavo Bordet will not be able to be re-elected, but the justicialismo has not yet defined who will try to succeed him

While the justicialismo expands the definition of who will seek the succession of Gustavo Bordet in the governorship, in the opposition began a dance of names and positions that includes Yohana Fucksthe teacher who asked Messi to return to the national team, and the former anti-corruption prosecutor Cecilia Goyeneche.

The decision of the provincial Legislature to postpone the unfolding of the provincial elections from June to September brought some calm to the electoral fronts. The preparations for a hot summer with the closing of alliances and definition of candidacies were just that.

The opposition sees the possibility that it has been waiting for since in 2003 when the radical Sergio Montiel handed over the governorship to the justicialista Jorge Busti: unravel the PJ.

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The impact of the last radical administration, which issued bonds to finance the growing state deficit due to maladministration and repressed the social protests with the Police, causing three deaths, has been forgotten. The election of last year and that of the next will be defined by a generation that was born in that context, but did not live it.

The main figure of space is Rogelio Frigerio. The current national deputy will close the year with tours in various locations and in January he will lower the curtains.

In Juntos the certainty of victory is so strong that there is already a sotto voce dispute for spaces of power, mainly the vice-government. By law, the formula must be mixed, so that space corresponds to a woman.

Rogelio Frigerio will try to reach the governorship from the opposition
Rogelio Frigerio will try to reach the governorship from the opposition

The radicalism that stands behind the former Minister of the Interior believes that this place is for someone who wears a white beret. And he has two main applicants: the provincial legislator Grace Jaroslavskydaughter of the remembered “Chacho” Jaroslavsky, and the national deputy gabriela lena. But on Frigerio’s table, who will define his companion, there are three more papers, they confirmed to infobae sources around you.

In one the provincial deputy is noted Sarah Brochurerepresentative of a minor fraction of the UCR headed by the leader Fabián Rogel, and in another Susan Lambertthe radical mayor of Villa Elisa, a small town on the coast of the Uruguay River.

The name written in the third can cause an earthquake in the coalition: Yohana Fucks, the teacher who gained national fame when in 2016 she wrote a letter to Lionel Messi asking him to review his resignation from the national team. She is currently a mayor in Viale, a small rural town near Paraná. She also wears a white beret.

In Juntos there is also a radical faction that does not respond to Frigerio. This sector is grouped behind the candidacy for Governor of Pedro Galimberticurrent national deputy.

Galimberti hit the table at the beginning of November when he brought Entre Ríos to Gerardo Morales. The president of the UCR said openly on that occasion: “In the province, our candidate is Pedro.”

On Saturday the 17th he expects to give another similar blow. Facundo Manesanother of the presidential candidates of radicalism, will come from his hand to Chajarí, the city in the north of Entre Ríos that Galimberti governed until he jumped to Congress in 2021.

That the provincial elections take place two weeks before the national ones, in case Bordet finally decides to separate them, he postponed the decisions of who will embody the pro-government candidacy.

The PJ has three applicants: the vice Maria Laura Stratta; the mayor of Paraná, Adam Bahl; and that of Concordia, Enrique Cresto. Every time they roll the dice to advance squares, the same face appears: it returns to the starting point. It is that the Governor does not want anyone to talk about anything other than management.

Enrique Cresto, mayor of Concordia, one of the possible candidates of the Frente de Todos
Enrique Cresto, mayor of Concordia, one of the possible candidates of the Frente de Todos

There are two reasons for this: to differentiate itself from Juntos, which began to position itself for the renewal of authorities on the Monday following the 2021 legislative elections, and to prevent Bordet’s power from evaporating.

Not having re-election, in a year he will have to hand over Urquiza’s chair. And if there is a definite pro-government name to succeed him, the lame duck effect will be marked even more.

Since the 2021 midterm elections, the libertarian economist javier milei He is the leader who has grown the most in the polls. As a presidential candidate, he has a high voting intention in the province and the numbers handled by the ruling party and the opposition place space as a virtual third force in the race for the governorship.

Rebecca Fleitasa libertarian legislator in the city of Buenos Aires, is the assembler in Entre Ríos, since she was born in La Paz, a city located north of the provincial capital.

The long weekend was in Paraná, closing agreements. The most important: he obtained the national seal of the Popular Conservative Party, a force that is recognized in 12 districts, for Milei’s presidential candidacy. The PCP joined the Libertarian Party and the Democratic Party on the front in backing the ultra-orthodox economist.

“Now we are going to search for candidates for provincial and national positions,” Fleitas told infobae. Among these names in dance, the possibility of adding the former Deputy Prosecutor, Cecilia Goyeneche, responsible for investigating corruption cases in Entre Ríos before being removed from office by a Jury, stands out.

“It is something that we are talking about, but there is nothing concrete. Incorporating such strong figures requires a lot of conversations and talks. It is a name that is on the list, but there is nothing concrete because the search for candidates in the province is just beginning,” confirmed Fleitas. Then he announced: “Javier will soon be in Entre Ríos.”

As is the case in other districts, the libertarian space reaps support from sectors that have distanced themselves from Together for Change, disappointed by both the “doves” and the “hawks” of the coalition.

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