In early July, a mass invasion of locusts is expected in the Rostov region

As reported in the Rosselkhozcenter of the Rostov region, on 455 hectares of fields in the region was found Moroccan locust.

As the Rostov farmer explained Igor Braiko in conversation with, by July, the larvae of this insect will grow up and begin to actively spread around the area, despite the processing now carried out. The farmer stressed that the treatment does not help much against the larvae, because so far they do not live in a herd, but separately.

Braiko explained that the Moroccan locust damages sunflowers, vegetables and fruit trees the most.

“In Soviet times, locusts were regularly processed, then for some time they forgot about it. I think this summer it will make itself felt, and we will have an invasion. profits from it, in my opinion, will suffer,” the farmer added.

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