In Denmark, they decided to cancel the national holiday for the sake of additional defense costs


Danish government intends to cancel one of 11 national holidays to increase arms spending and reach the planned defense budget of 2% of GDP 3 years earlier.

In 2014, NATO countries planned to achieve contributions to the defense budget for each member of the alliance at the level of 2% of GDP. Denmark has calculated that the target could be reached by 2033. However, recent events in the world have led the government of the kingdom to the idea that it is necessary to accelerate.

According to analytical calculations, the abolition of one of the public holidays will reduce the number of days off and achieve the goal by 2030.

It is not yet clear which holiday will be canceled, but the majority is inclined to believe that it will be the “Day of Universal Prayer”, which has been celebrated in the country since the 17th century, four weeks after Easter.

Religious societies have already criticized the intentions of the government, saying that the holidays are necessary for people to pray and gather their thoughts, and the “Day of Universal Prayer” is an important event for the Danes, since it is usually during this celebration that priests conduct confirmation rites.

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