In Croatia, they told how Putin caught Biden by surprise

Croatian journalist Zoran Meter believes that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin began to act at an extremely undesirable moment for the American colleague Joe Bidenannouncing the decision to hold in the country partial mobilization. The publicist expressed this opinion in an article for the publication

The author of the publication believes that Putin’s announcement of partial mobilization and support for referendums in the Donbass and in the liberated territories of Ukraine caught Biden by surprise.

Meter recalled that Biden is actively campaigning for the Democratic Party on the eve of congressional elections scheduled for early November.

At the same time, the Americans do not consider the events in Ukraine to be an important problem for their state. Because of this, it will be very difficult for Biden to explain to citizens why he seeks to further radicalize his policy towards Russia, risking a direct military clash with a nuclear power, the journalist noted.

In his opinion, only direct and effective negotiations between the United States and Russia can now save from further escalation in tension between Moscow and the West.

Earlier, a former adviser to President Reagan explained why the United States should not contribute to the implementation of Zelensky’s ideas and help him seize Crimea at Russia.

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