In Crimea, the FSB threatened journalist Irina Danilovich to sign blank sheets

This publication reports ZMINA with reference to the Crimean lawyer Ayder Azamatov.

According to him, the journalist was held in the FSB building for eight days. There, the security forces conducted a polygraph test and threatened to take her to the forest if she was hiding something.

The lawyer said that all this time Danilovich was fed once a day. Towards the end of her stay at the FSB, she was asked to sign blank forms in exchange for her release. After the journalist did this, she was informed that two hundred grams of explosives were found in her purse and they took her to the “court” to choose a measure of restraint.

As reported, only on the thirteenth day after the abduction in the Simferopol pre-trial detention center, the lawyer was confirmedthat citizen journalist Irina Danilovich is with them. She is suspected of illegal actions with explosives under part 1. article 222.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The sanction of the incriminated article provides for from six to eight years up to 100 thousand rubles fine.

Formally, a measure of restraint was chosen for her only on May 7. With the involvement of a “state lawyer” by appointment, despite the fact that the lawyer spent eight days searching for her, in particular, in the FSB and in the peninsula’s chamber of lawyers.


  • April 29 in the occupied Crimea Russian security forces detained in Feodosia civil journalist, physician Irina Danilovich, covering the problems of the healthcare system. She is accused of allegedly “connections with a foreign state.”

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