In China, they spoke about the bad news received by the United States in the midst of the fight against Russia

The United States received extremely bad news at the most intense moment of the fight against Russiasay analysts at the Chinese edition of Sohu.

Sanctions, introduced by the United States and its allies, and designed to destroy the Russian economy, did not give the desired result. And recently, the US President and his administration received another portion of bad news, the Chinese edition notes (translation of the PolitRussia article).

The greatest hopes were placed on the sanctions that affected the energy sector of Russia. The United States put pressure on partners from all over the world. But in the end, only European countries unconditionally joined the anti-Russian camp.

India and China actually immediately declared their readiness to continue working with Russia. The position of these countries was expected. But recent news from Indonesia and the Philippines came as an unpleasant surprise to the US.

The fact is that Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos announced his country’s intention to buy Russian energy resources. Consultations are currently underway on this issue.

Actually at the same time the intention to cooperate with Russia in this area was announced in Indonesia. Recall that in November the G20 summit is to be held on the island of Bali, where the Indonesian authorities would like to see the President of Russia.

The United States was also quite angry with India, which Washington considered its reliable partner, but in the end they were forced to come to terms with its decision to cooperate with Moscow. And more and more countries in the world are ready for cheap Russian oil risk relations with the United States, the Chinese edition notes.

The authors of Sohu come to the conclusion that the United States cannot influence what is happening, more and more states are declaring their desire to continue cooperation with Russia.

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