In China, they said that the Su-35 VKS of the Russian Federation became invincible

Military experts from China noted that the American-made AIM-120C Phoenix was previously the longest-range air-to-air missile. However, the last Russian development bypassed the US. Now Russian Su-35 fighters are equipped with the R-37M missile, which has a range of 300 kilometers.

Analysts said the missile is equipped with a dual-mode solid-fuel engine, and the combined guidance system includes satellite navigation radio correction and active radar homing in the final part of the trajectory. Experts believe that the R-37M will be used to eliminate large air targets.

“Equipment of the Su-35 fighter with this missile can significantly increase its combat capability over long distances in the air,” the Chinese publication said. Sina.

Moreover, the technical characteristics of the R-37M will continue to be upgraded. An improved version of the missile will add an electronic warfare function.

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