In China, they did not want to talk with Zelensky: “There is no time for idlers”

In China local citizens ridiculed the desire of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky hold talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

For example, readers of the publicationGuancha”reacted quite sharply to his” desire “. The Chinese were outraged by the untimeliness of the words of the leader of the Square against the background of the scandal over the visit Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

“Our leaders and diplomats are too busy to meet slackers,” writes one user.

Many recalled that it was the Office of the President of Ukraine who decided to take the Motor Sich company into state ownership, bypassing the interests of all Chinese investors, RIA Novosti writes.

We will remind, earlier Zelensky said that he wanted to “directly” talk with Jinping about the Russian special operation. He hopes that Beijing will “pacify” Moscow with the threat of sanctions.

In June, the Chinese leader stressed in a telephone conversation with the Kremlin that the parties must seek a settlement to the crisis in Ukraine.

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