In China, Poland and the United States were accused of sabotage at Nord Stream

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Global Liu Hong named what happened main gas pipelines “Nord stream-1” and “Nord stream-2” sabotage.

On the WeChat social network, the analyst criticized the versions according to which the objects were damaged by representatives of Berlin and Moscow. According to the expert, the German authorities need Russian blue fuel. The Russian Federation is able to simply turn off the gas, this does not require destruction, the specialist noted.

At the same time, he drew attention to the gratitude of the United States from the ex-head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Radoslav Sikorsky. According to Liu Hong, Warsaw stands for the most anti-Russian course. The representative of Global also recalled that US officials promised to stop the work of Nord Stream in the event of an escalation in Ukraine.

Former head seismic network in Sweden Bjorn Lund said that a sabotage occurred on the gas pipelines, “an explosion with a capacity of approximately 100 kilograms of TNT.”

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