In Britain, they figured out how to “overthrow” Putin: he must lose

The North Atlantic Alliance and Europe should increase the defense budget to guarantee Ukraine a victory in the special operation, said a member of the British Parliament, an analyst Tobias Elwood. According to him, if Kyiv holds out, then the president may change in Russia.

As Elwood emphasized, if the special operation in Ukraine fails, the Russians themselves can initiate the “resignation” of the country’s president. Vladimir Putin.

“Europe needs leadership. Our duty is to step up again. All NATO countries must increase defense spending by at least three percent. If Putin loses in Ukraine and the futility of his war is revealed, then there is every chance that the Russian people, after all, decides he’s better off without him,” Elwood quotes The Sun.

In addition, a failure in Ukraine could ensure that Russia and China stop strengthening relations that pose a threat to stability in Europe, he said.

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