In attack on the devil – in white coats!

In this operating room, the surgeon (Danila Kozlovsky) cannot do without conspiracies and amulets.  Photo: Frame from the film

In this operating room, the surgeon (Danila Kozlovsky) cannot do without conspiracies and amulets. Photo: Frame from the film

Doctor Kirill (Danila Kozlovsky) during abdominal operations began to imagine spiders and interfere with his work. They were the result of a brain tumor and would soon have brought the doctor to the grave, if demons had not entered his body with cancerous rubbish. The hero had to be hospitalized not in a simple hospital, but in the 13th hospital itself, where cancer is expelled by a lymphatic pump, and the demons are offered peace: they say, we don’t touch you, but you don’t make a fuss either.

It just so happened that the balance of good and evil forces is of particular interest to us great ones at the dawn of state building, when the outline of a new world order is just beginning to take shape. For years, Dostoevsky recorded the relationship of the human “I” with the demons of newborn capitalism and therefore became a world star, because literature at that time did not know equal to him: God in Europe ceased to be a limiter of instincts since the Renaissance. “The Master and Margarita” was written by Bulgakov from 1928, during the years of the piecemeal reformation of an agrarian country into an industrial one. “Night Watch” came out with us at the start of the formation of a national state. It seems deeply symbolic that the fundamental break with the decadent West, realized by the nation, is now accompanied by a picture of agreements between people of light and demons – performed by extremely difficult soul experts.

Screenwriter and producer Andrey Zolotarev from film to film observed the counters of a reasonable person with internal and external demons (“Trigger”, “Invasion”, “Attraction”, “Ice”). Together with Kozinsky, they have already made the series “Beyond Yourself” – about the consciousness of an individual as a field of battles, quarrels and copulations of the ghosts of people who have died through his fault. In the new joint production, they paid tribute to the forerunners: the demons in the local card file are marked with the code ND-1, -2 and -3, which is not deciphered anywhere, but it is not difficult to recognize greetings to Sergei Lukyanenko and Timur Bekmambetov with their Night Watch.

The demonology of the authors is branched, but simplified for the general consumer. Succubi awaken female lust in the form of males, incubi – male in the form of females, sometimes they change, provoking all kinds of homoeroticism. The demon Behemoth is responsible for the wild zhor (bow to Mikhail Afanasyevich). Witchcraft is characteristic not only of patients, but also of the head of the department (Victoria Isakova): it is known that the best psychiatrists come from people with a fool, firefighters from pyromaniacs, and counterintelligence officers from repentant bombers.

Dmitry Lysenkov is wonderfully good in the role of a godless manager, in whom even demons do not settle, because they need to force the contents out of people, and he is absolutely empty inside. The attending physician Anna (Paulina Andreeva) is the daughter of the witchess-in-charge, and echoes of Gogol’s lady can be heard in her name. In a word, life in the clinic is fun and does not stop with the end, but only flares up with renewed vigor. Imps found in the doctor of the highest category ND-1

they force him to keep him under supervision at the service of the sick and cannot but lead to a regrettable career growth (the theme of Orpheus – a voluntary descent into hell for his beloved, who everyone will have already guessed who – is worked out in the last episode, which serves as a springboard for the new season).

The once devout critic of Moskvin met the Dozora with genuine fury: “Who told THEM that someone would negotiate with them?? Extinguish evil spirits with a cross and prayer!!” (it is not for nothing that our church is called orthodox in the West). However, the idea of ​​a reasonable compromise has since entered even theology, and rationalists now tend not to be radical, but to diverge from demons to zero. Do not let yourself in, drive out of the poor fellows, but don’t wake up dashing and don’t eat your eyes with sunlight. It is extremely amusing that such an ambivalent (and, what to do, fascinating) movie came out with us exactly at the moment when the nation undertook to fight with Christ-sellers not to the first blood, but to silver bullets and nails in the coffin lid.

The authors will still have a whole season to correct.

They are great, they can do anything.

“13 clinical”


Dir. Klim Kozinsky.



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