In addition to covid, a severe flu can come to us in the fall

Two years of anti-covid measures kept the flu from rearing its head

Two years of anti-covid measures kept the flu from rearing its head


It’s not enough for us to have the coronavirus, which is moving by leaps and bounds to the rise of a new wave, but also the flu is on the threshold.

As the experience of Australia shows (and their flu season always starts earlier than in Russia), this year we can be affected by much more flu-like diseases than last year. For example, in Australia this figure was the highest over the past five years.

For two years, anti-covid measures (the same masks, serious cleaning of the premises) did not allow the flu to raise its head. But few people were vaccinated against the flu last year, which also removed herd immunity. So the flu can be severe, especially in children under 16 years old (their proportion among hospitalized is almost 60 percent). And worst of all, there is a tendency for a double whammy – covid and flu simultaneously affect risk groups (children, the elderly, people with compromised immunity).

“Worse, we literally have a multidemic,” says University of Sydney infectious disease expert Prof. Robert Bui. – That is, next to the flu and coronavirus, there are other viral infections: there are parainfluenza, and respiratory syncytial virus, and adenovirus … There are many of them. And with a very heavy course.

Back in May, scientists at the University of Sydney warned the authorities that because of the pandemic, familiar viruses also mutated, became “angrier” and partially changed the distribution pattern. For example, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which circulates in winter, suddenly appeared in summer…

In general, the autumn-winter virus season promises to be very unpleasant in Russia as well. So we all just need a flu vaccination in the fall, because it has been proven to protect against the severe course of the disease and complications.

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