In 2022, the production of Penza machine tools will be 100% localized

Photo: Press Service of StankoMashStroy

Photo: Press Service of StankoMashStroy

The realities of modernity served as an impetus for the development of domestic industry. The authorities and entrepreneurs are building a dialogue and partnerships. Efforts are being combined to create favorable conditions for producers, protect their rights and freedoms, and create stimulating conditions to support entrepreneurial initiatives. “Machine tool building today should become one of the flagships of the Russian industry in order to move forward other areas of production. This process will have the most positive impact on economic development and social well-being in society,” – sure General Director of the Penza company “StankoMashStroy” Oleg Kochetkov.


Today, the winners are those who did not succumb to emotions in connection with the geopolitical situation in the spring and concentrated their efforts on preventing forced downtime due to disruption of production and supply chains. The topic of import substitution did not appear suddenly. For years, manufacturers have been developing strategies and identifying “points of growth”, strengthening cooperation and building up their own competencies, introducing new technological solutions and increasing the degree of localization. This was also discussed at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, which brought together more than 14,000 participants from 130 countries in June.

During the world-class business event, the Penza industrialist acted as an expert. At one of the sites, he outlined the problems and priorities of the machine tool industry. “Now we need bearings, ball screws and linear guides. These parts are in demand and necessary for the market, so I am sure that there will be companies that want to invest and invest in the manufacture of these components,” – noted Oleg Alexandrovich.

According to him, earlier industrial business was integrated into the global economic space, but due to the departure of Western players, some were not ready to replace imported products. Now you should not rely on Asian partners, but you need to start producing yourself. Gradually, the process of substitution will shift towards imports ahead of schedule and technological sovereignty, which will allow the machine tool industry to take a serious step forward.

Over the past few years, StankoMashStroy has gone through a rapid path of localization of production, import substitution of components, development of the product line and development of sales markets. In 2022, the company plans to produce machine tools entirely from domestic components. A significant role, according to the industrialist, is played by cooperation.

Photo: Press Service of StankoMashStroy

Photo: Press Service of StankoMashStroy

– The lathe consists of more than two thousand parts. It is unprofitable to produce each of them in the workshops of one enterprise, so it is important to cooperate. Someone has grinding equipment, someone has milling equipment, someone hardens well, casts from cast iron, and someone makes equipment, – explained Oleg Kochetkov. – The StankoMashStroy company involves more and more Russian industrial enterprises, primarily in the Penza region, in the production of components for metalworking equipment. The development of intra-regional cooperation created favorable conditions for the opening of the first industrial cluster in Russia, which brought together more than ten like-minded people. Our partners qualitatively and on time make the components that we need, as the “anchor” resident of the industrial association.

The creation of a machine-tool cluster was discussed for the first time last summer, during a visit to the region by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov. It was exactly a year ago that the Penza region took the first serious step towards the revival of its former industrial power, which was lost by the region in the 90s, and also declared itself as a new machine-tool center of the country.

The launch of the industrial cluster was the result of a high level of cooperation between enterprises, the intellectual potential of which is important for import substitution processes. In early July, the association confirmed compliance with federal requirements and was included in the register of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, which will allow cluster members to qualify for state support measures for the implementation of high-tech domestic projects.


In early July, the traditional international exhibition “Innoprom” was held in Yekaterinburg, where the discussion of the topic of independence from imports, which was launched as part of the SPIEF, continued. During the business program, experts from among representatives of government, business and regions discussed issues without which it is impossible to achieve the tasks set by the President of Russia. One of the speakers was Oleg Kochetkov, who spoke on the sidelines of a large-scale event.

During the conversation, we discussed options for providing long-term credit resources with a rate of no more than 7% for up to 10 years. It is assumed that this money will be available to enterprises participating in various industrial clusters to implement investment projects or expand production. The aspects of launching an industrial mortgage, ensuring a low level of conditionally constant taxes and simplified administration, supporting production at an early, starting stage, as well as forming a package of orders, including providing subsidies for the purchase of finished products of enterprises, were discussed.

Photo: Press Service of StankoMashStroy

Photo: Press Service of StankoMashStroy

– It is important to restart the cluster policy in the interests of import independence, since this is one of the best mechanisms for supporting production chains and industry as a whole. It must be understood that the economic blockade of Russia will last for a long time. It is important to quickly create scientific and technological groundwork in priority areas, including training a wide range of high-level engineering personnel, – said Oleg Kochetkovwho is the regional coordinator of the “Choose Yours” project.

It is no coincidence that machine tool building is considered a litmus test not only for industry, but for the entire economy. The industry provides manufacturing enterprises with machinery and equipment, and the end consumer with the necessary commodities, which inevitably affects the social well-being in society.


In April of this year, the Import Substitution Exchange conference was held in Penza, during which 37 regional companies demonstrated the possibilities of substituting imported equipment and goods. The geopolitical situation did not take the Penza region by surprise – this is evidenced by economic indicators. Many industries, including machine tool building, have received additional opportunities for development. Experts are confident that the results of import substitution will have a positive impact on improving the level and quality of life of the population, will contribute to an increase in vacancies in the labor market, and an increase in the diversity of functions of the urban environment and services. For business, these are new markets and development opportunities, expansion of planning horizons, support from the state. In general, a decrease in migration outflow, an increase in tax deductions, attraction of investments, development of small and medium-sized businesses are expected.

Oleg Kochetkov notes: our country has a serious potential for development, and the machine tool industry can and should contribute to the achievement of strategic state goals and the implementation of national projects.

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