Immunologist Zhemchugov: new viruses discovered in Sochi are safe for humans

Khosta-1 and Khosta-2 viruses were found in bats near Sochi, which together with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 referred to as sarbecoviruses. Previously, it was reported that they can be transmitted to humans and are resistant to Covid-19 drugs. However, the immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov reassured the Russians.

“There is no danger. On Earth, viruses existed for a third of a billion years before the appearance of people, they have their own life and their own evolution, contributing to their survival. At the same time, scientists have described less than 10% of the viruses and bacteria living on the planet. Therefore, every day, visiting different places, we can meet with new microbes. There is nothing surprising in the discovery of new coronaviruses. Yes, they are resistant to existing vaccines, but vaccines are generally very specific,” Zhemchugov explains in an interview with Radio 1.

The immunologist notes that the criteria the dangers of the virus is the ability to transmit it from one person to another, causing serious illness.

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