“I’m 100% sure it’s a sabotage”

Professor of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas. I. M. Gubkina Valery Bessel told Pravda.Ru about the reasons for the destruction of the three lines of the Nord Streams.

“Almost 100% I’m sure it’s sabotage. Because Nord Stream was built in compliance with all technological standards. All offshore pipelines operate for the entire expected service life. Nord Stream 2 was not operated, no pressure surges were possible there. Therefore, destruction is possible only in case of violations from the outside. I am 99% sure of such a scenario,” Bessel said.

For Russia, the consequences of this incident are manifested in the loss of money, because gas supplies will now be suspended until the costly and labor-intensive repairs are completed, the professor noted.

“In terms of the consequences for the whole world, I hope for the incredible patience of our president, because this is casus belli squared. And this will not end well. actions by the Russian Federation,” the source said.

Earlier, Nord Stream AG reported that three lines of Nord Stream received unprecedented damage.

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