Illness of Pierre Narcissus: The singer was killed by the same disease as Yulia Nachalova

About how the last days of Pierre Narcisse were told by his wife

About how the last days of Pierre Narcisse were told by his wife

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From what “chocolate hare” Pierre Narcisse died in the prime of his lifeuntil he knows for sure artist’s family. The media write different things: some say the 45-year-old singer died during a kidney operation, others say that he was given a valve on his heart. The last few days are the star of the zeros spent in the hospital, where Valery Kalacheva’s wife and 16-year-old daughter Karolina-Kristel were waiting for his discharge. It is important to note here: about the family dramas of the singer, who allegedly beat his wife and child with a mortal battle, they trumpeted on all talk shows a few years ago. Valeria was going to file for divorce, but no one knew how this story ended: a new season began on TV, there were other heroes. Meanwhile, judging by the story of Valeria, if they did not live together with Pierre, they continued to communicate closely.

About how the last days of Pierre Narcisse passed, his wife told while she was waiting for a doctor in the very hospital where her husband died. The conversation turned out to be fragmentary, however, it became obvious: despite the strong texture and feigned cheerfulness, Pierre Narcisse was seriously ill and had long needed the help of doctors.

“They write different things because they don’t know the truth – not everyone can get through to me,” Valeria answered the question about the operation and the cause of death. – Now I’m talking to you, and I have 50 parallel calls from all over the globe. But it is very important that people know the truth – I want to warn the sick who can save their lives. Well, what is 45 years old? This is a young man…

According to his wife, the artist did not monitor his health – he only took emergency measures when the condition became unbearable.

– Pierre confused the course of the disease – gout – with bronchial asthma. Yes, he had severe asthma, which worsened in June-July. Shortness of breath, difficult breathing. But the main problem was precisely the gout, Valeria is sure. – Now it’s clear that it was from her that Pierre constantly had sharp pains, colic in his stomach. Recently, he finally went to a paid clinic, asked to be anesthetized with at least something. But the doctors could not find the cause. If you have gout, you should be seen by a highly specialized doctor who would deal with this, and not just pass the standard set of tests. Because neither heart rate, nor altered blood or urine values ​​will show this subtle causal relationship. And it is very important to establish gout in order to prevent the development of complications.

I remembered the widow and colleague of Narcissus, the singer Yulia Nachalova, who died at the age of 38 due to a whole range of diseases and their complications. Among other things, the star also had insidious gout..

– Here, for example, in Yulia Nachalova, gout was expressed by growths – deposits of uric acid salts on the joints of the upper and lower extremities. Simply, bumps on the arms and legs. It was visible. And for Pierre, this poison settled on the internal organs, while he drank useless pills, treated asthma and gave injections to himself, not understanding why everything hurts, ”Valeria shared. – In the meantime, for several years, my husband developed first kidney failure, then pancreatic failure, heart failure – the heart worked at half strength due to salt deposits.

In the hospital, Pierre Narcisse ended up with a whole bunch of acute sores – the doctors literally did not know what to grab onto. As a result, on June 20, the patient was decided to undergo hemodialysis (a method of blood purification in case of kidney failure).

– It was necessary to alleviate the condition of the kidneys, – said the wife. – As I remember now, he was transferred to a stretcher and sent to intensive care. I promised to pray for him. Pierre was forbidden to take the phone with him. And when, after hemodialysis, I called to find out how things were going, it turned out that my husband was put into a drug-induced sleep so that he could rest and recover. And in a dream the next day at 23:05 he was gone …

According to his wife, Pierre Narcisse’s organs began to fail one by one.

– They somehow supported artificially. But everything was affected by the poisonous salts of this acid: the pharynx, the esophagus, the entire digestive system. The fabrics were in a small hole – as if burned. And there, somewhere, inflammation began, – Valeria reported inconsistently. – He so wanted to survive when I escorted him to intensive care …

Where and when the funeral will take place, the artist’s family has not yet decided. But the widow promised to make them open to fans so that all those whom Pierre Narcisse gave a smile to with his songs could say goodbye to him.

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