“Ignorance and arrogance”: The EU announced the political decline of Europe

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl.

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl.


Former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl declared that the ignorance and arrogance of European leaders don’t let them see the true alignment of forces on the geopolitical map of the world.

The diplomat is sure that Asian countries are taking the first places in the international arena, and the best times of Europe have sunk into oblivion.

“Now I am working on a book with the tentative title Requiem for Europe, because the part of the world in which I grew up and to which I was devoted no longer exists,” Kneissl said in an interview. Asia Times.

She also stated that her European colleagues completely lack geopolitical thinking, instead of which Eurocentrism has long been strengthened in their heads. Naturally, in this situation, nothing good could come of it.

“Diplomacy is the preservation of communication channels in spite of everything and under any circumstances,” Kneissl reminded and lamented that no one in Europe adheres to this principle for a long time.

In her opinion, the only ones who are engaged in real diplomacy at the moment are members of the Turkish government.

In addition, Kneissl believes that the European Union has become an appendage of American policy in Europe and is now suffering from US-initiated sanctions. At the same time, she urges not to forget that the US government acts solely in its own interests, and the countries of the alliance are in the very near future at risk of receiving anti-government protests and riots against the backdrop of a deterioration in the lives of their citizens.

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