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As in the first half, the purchase of raw materials and intermediate products represent German industry serious problem in the second half of the year. In a survey conducted in July, 73.3 percent of companies complained about a shortage of raw materials, the Munich-based ifo Institute for Economic Research said on Monday, August 1.

This figure was even higher during the June survey – 74.1 percent. According to ifo head of surveys Klaus Wohlrabe, in addition to the long-standing lack of electronic componentsproblems in global logistics continue to play a large role, in particular in shipping.

Material shortages in key industries

At the same time, ifo pointed to the critical situation in key sectors of German industry. In the electrical, engineering and automotive industries, about 90 percent of firms reported a shortage of a number of necessary materials. There are also no signs of a possible significant improvement in the supply of raw materials and semi-finished products in the near future, Wolrabe further noted.

The scarcity of raw materials has intensified in beverage companies. 70.5 percent of respondents from the industry reported missing components, up from 47.9 percent in June. Meanwhile, the situation in the clothing industry has somewhat improved: in July, 64.1 percent of the surveyed firms announced a shortage of intermediate products, in June there were 81.7 percent.

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