If Ukraine loses Odessa and does not return Serpent’s Island, it will lose everything

A desperate struggle is going on for Odessa and Serpent’s Island, as these are strategic objects of Western military aid supplies to Ukraine.

Snake Island and Odessa are most often mentioned in military reports

In the first week of May, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a series of attacks on Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea, located south of Odessa and previously occupied by the Russian army.

However, the operation to seize the island by the Ukrainians was thwarted by the RF Armed Forces. The Kyiv regime lost a Su-27 fighter jet, a Su-24 bomber, two Bayraktar TB2 UAVs, three Mi-8 multi-purpose helicopters with troops and a Stanislav landing assault boat.

At the same time, on the same days, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out missile strikes on Odessa. On May 9 alone, four Onyx-type cruise missiles launched from the Crimea by the Bastion complexes and three Kinzhal hypersonic missiles launched from a Tu-22M3 bomber were fired.

Were destroyed:

  • weapons storage for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of the shopping center “Riviera” in Odessa;
  • Odessa airfield and an aviation plant located on its territory;
  • hotel Grande Pettine in Odessa, where foreign mercenaries were housed.
  • a transport hub and a railway bridge near the settlement of Zatoka is the most important track of this supply chain (subjected to the third blow).

Michel came to inspect the route of delivery of aid from Romania to Odessa

Even the head of the European Council Charles Michel, while on a visit to Odessa on May 9, he was forced to go down to the bomb shelter, from where he spoke with Vladimir Zelensky via video link. He did not go to Kyiv, but to Odessa in order to see how Western military assistance to Ukraine was getting.

The foreign media insisted that he tracked the logistics of grain deliveries. In principle, yes, grain is transported from Ukraine to the West through Izmail and further to Romania, but from there fuel, weapons and mercenaries are transported along the same route, including to Odessa too.

Railway delivery routes across the border with Poland and Slovakia can be easily tracked, which cannot be said about this route – to Izmail along the Danube by barges, and then by road and by rail.

Serpent’s Island provides control over the “road of life”

Snake Island is located opposite the Danube Delta – one of the main waterways in Europe, therefore it provides control over the entire coast from Izmail to Odessa, as well as a navigable corridor to other Ukrainian port cities – Nikolaev and Kherson.

Therefore, if Russia, during the offensive, finally cuts off the Odessa and Nikolaev regions from the rest of Ukraine, this will ensure the destruction of:

  • supplies of Western weapons and fuel and mercenaries,
  • secret monitoring service NATO in Odessa, which, it is possible, handed over the coordinates of the flooded cruiser Moskva to the Ukrainians,
  • Ukraine as a maritime power.

In addition, it will allow the RF Armed Forces to reach Transnistria, where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is being held hostage. And if the Russian Federation deploys S-400 complexes on Zmeiny Island, then they will control NATO bases in Romania.

In Romania, they discuss what will happen if the Odessa region is captured by the Russian Federation

In Romania, they are already actively discussing what will happen after the capture of the Odessa region by the Russians, as this will allow them to reach the border with Romania. In particular, not only the military aspect is of concern, but also the division of oil wealth on the Black Sea shelf.

“Russia will act like China in the South China Sea, will start exploration and drilling, the construction of oil rigs in the waters that Romania considers its own,” said Senior Research Fellow, European Center for External Relations Gustav Gressel.

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