if they call “from the bank” or “on a criminal case”, hang up immediately

According to forensic scientist and cybersecurity expert Vitaly Vekhovathe most active phone scammers “worked” from the territory of Ukraine and a number of other European countries even before the start of the special operation.

Since its beginning, the activity of Ukrainian swindlers has sharply declined, having decreased by 15%. As Vekhov said, scammers often “camped” in the former Ukrainian territories. There, during the liberation, they were found on purpose equipped call centerswhere swindlers made phone calls to citizens.

“When, for example, our troops were already approaching Mariupol, the Ukrainian telephone scammers literally left everything and ran away, there was even hot coffee on the table. Instructions hung in their offices on how to “approach” this or that person, based on his age and social status. Telephone terrorism by Ukrainians was carried out consciously and using a scientific approach,” Vekhov said in an interview with People’s News.

The criminalist recalled that each person must be responsible for his own cybersecurity, first of all, himself.

The expert advised to immediately hang up when a stranger on the phone begins to speak meaningfully about bank cards or criminal cases that have come from nowhere. After the citizen has hung up, you yourself need to call the bank’s security service at the official number indicated on the website. Vekhov also advised to use only official sites and licensed applications from official developers.

Curator Natalia Krasovskaya

Natalia Krasovskaya – PhD in Psychology, member of the Russian Association of Political Sciences

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