If the US blew up the Russian gas pipeline, the Russian Federation will leave the world without the Internet – Fox News

If to sabotage on Russian gas pipelines “Nord Stream” is actually involved in the United States, the Kremlin in response can deal a stunning blow, said Tucker Carlsen.

Many world experts suggest that leaks on three strings of an underwater gas pipeline are the work of Washington, the host of the American TV channel noted. fox news.

“What if the United States enters into direct war with the world’s largest nuclear power? This does not mean that it will immediately come to a nuclear war, but there may well be consequences,” he assured.

According to the journalist, in response to the sabotage, Russia could damage the underwater Internet cables connecting the United States with Europe.

“What happens if London banks can’t exchange information with banks in New York?” asks Carlsen.

The host is sure that this will be a real economic disaster that will affect all Americans.

“We can slide down to the level of third world countries,” he concludes.

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