If the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the Russian Federation, all the power plants of Ukraine will be destroyed

If Kyiv decides to strike after the referendums, Russia’s response could be extremely harsh.

TV presenter announced Andrey Norkin and called the steps that Moscow can take in the event of nationalist attacks APU to the liberated territories.

“There is a leak of information that after these territories become part of Russia, in the event of shelling of the territory or an attempt to invade it, the first thing that will be done is the complete destruction of all power plants on the territory of Ukraine and the destruction of the gas transportation system of Ukraine,” Tsargrad quotes the host .

According to him, all this will mean the cessation of gas supplies to the EU, however, this can be done without partial mobilization. Norkin also specifically noted that this is not official information, but for now it’s just an “information leak”.

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