If “Putin’s regime” is not overthrown, it may start a war with NATO – Lithuanian Foreign Ministry

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis stated that in the background Ukrainian conflictto “stop the aggression” from Russia, Vladimir Putin must leave the presidency of the country, and “his regime is overthrown.”

As the politician emphasized, in his opinion, all “assistants and close associates” to the Russian president should also leave. As the minister emphasized, Russia no longer has a place in the “civilized world”.

“The militant state of Russia will end when the regime ends in Russia. This is the only way we see it,” Landsbergis said in an interview. CNN. “Russia can start a war again, not excluding NATO countries.”

In addition, according to the minister, it is necessary that the President of Russia leave his post. True, what steps are going to be taken for this in Europe and whether they intend to do so at all, the politician did not specify.

“It may take some time for this to change, because we do not have any active means to change it. Therefore, it needs to be changed from the inside,” the minister explained.

What exactly the Foreign Minister meant by the expression “from within” he did not explain.

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